Olivier van Helden
68 Nogent
97115 Sainte-Rose

Phone number: +590 690 768 769

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Remember to tell me your flight number and landing time or your approximate arrival time.

  • From the airport, follow ” Basse-Terre / Deshaies ” and exit at ” Deshaies ” (about 11km).
  • Follow the national road to Sainte-Rose (26km from the beginning). Cross the town of Sainte-Rose, staying on the national road and continue for another 6 to 7 km until you reach the parking lot of the Leclerc store (large white façade on your right).
  • After Leclerc stay on the national road, which goes up then down.
  • Take the first right downhill, a tree-lined path (filaos),
    • turn rightagain
    • and again to the right (so 3 times to the right)
  • Go up about 50 meters to number 68 on your left (there are several mailboxes) Take the small path that goes down, the house is at the bottom of the path, on the right.